Questions about Functional Skills qualifications


Questions about Functional Skills qualifications

These are some common questions about Functional Skills qualifications.

1.Is Functional Skills Maths Easier Than GCSE?

Functional Skills Maths and GCSE Maths are often compared. While they are different qualifications, it’s not necessarily accurate to say that one is easier than the other.

Functional Skills Maths tends to be more practical and focuses on applying mathematical skills to real-life situations. On the other hand, GCSE Maths is often more theory-based and requires understanding of more abstract mathematical concepts.

2.What Grade is Maths Functional Skills?

Functional Skills Maths is graded on a pass/fail basis. If you achieve the required pass mark, you are awarded the qualification.

3.What is the Pass Mark for Functional Skills Maths?

The pass mark for Functional Skills Maths can vary from one exam to another. However, it generally ranges between 55-60% of the total marks.

3.Can Functional Skills Get You Into Uni?

Yes, Functional Skills qualifications are recognized by many universities. They demonstrate your abilities in key areas such as Maths and English, which can be crucial for success in higher education. However, not all unis accept Functional Skills qualifications, so it is worth checking their entry requirements before embarking on a Functional Skills course.

4.Do I Need GCSE if I Have Functional Skills?

Functional Skills qualifications are often accepted as alternatives to GCSEs. They can demonstrate your ability to apply practical skills in real-life situations, which is highly valued by employers and educational institutions. However, not all universities and employers will accept Level 2 as equivalent to GCSE, so it is worth checking before doing the course.

5.How Hard Is It to Pass Functional Skills Maths?

The difficulty of passing Functional Skills Maths can depend on your existing mathematical skills and understanding. With regular study and practice, it’s entirely possible to pass and achieve the qualification.

6.Is Functional Skills Lower Than GCSE?

Functional Skills is not necessarily lower than GCSE. It’s simply different. While GCSE is more academic, Functional Skills is more practical and focuses on applying skills in real-life contexts.

7.How Many Hours is Functional Skills Maths?

The number of guided learning hours for Functional Skills Maths varies. However, on average, it’s typically around 45-55 hours. This does not include the additional time you should allocate for personal study and revision.


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